30 December 2006

Profile of Giant Screen Film Pioneer Graeme Ferguson

Graeme Ferguson, one of the founders of Imax Corp., was honored in 2005 by the Large Format Cinema Association. For this profile, published in Film Journal International, I interviewed two filmmakers who had been heavily influenced by Ferguson: Stephen Lowe and Dennis Earl Moore.

Monsters Inc. Review in Film Journal

My December 2001 feature article about the making of Pixar's breakthrough animated feature Monsters Inc. was published in Film Journal International www.filmjournal.com. I was living a few blocks away from Pixar at the time so was able to visit the facility and conduct interviews in person.

JR articles in Entertainment Design

The title link pulls up 16 articles I wrote for Entertainment Design (now Live Design, www.livedesignonline.com) magazine between 1999-2001. Topics include Experience Music Project, Titanic: The Experience, Berkeley Repertory Theater, Volkswagen Autostadt, Legoland and more.

29 December 2006

Safety procedures post 9/11 - article

This article, Security Procedures Change with the Times, was published in Funworld magazine in 2002 during my tenure as Contributing Editor (Front Row News was my monthly column). It examines safety procedures for large-scale events post 9/11. The link is on the website of architect Gordon Linden, a client of mine who is quoted in the article.

Profile of Bob Rogers

Bob Rogers will receive a Thea Award for Lifetime Achievement in March 2007, from TEA (formerly the Themed Entertainment Association.) The title links to a profile I wrote of Bob in 2000, during the several years I spent as Themed Entertainment Editor of Entertainment Design magazine (now Live Design).

Metreon R.I.P. (1999 project profile)

One of my most-referenced articles is the one I wrote about Sony Metreon shortly after it opened, for the Oct. 1, 1999 issue of Entertainment Design magazine (now Live Design). Alas - although Metreon's themed attractions were fascinating to write about and their creators are amazing talented people - pretty much everything in the complex bombed except for the movieplex and retail. The article was titled Something Wild in a bow to the areas themed for Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are."

It is still online at this link. Memento of Metreon.

Giant-Screen Docs are Box Office Giants

Did you know that large-format (70mm-15perf) documentaries such as Everest are among the top-grossing documentaries of all time? I wrote this story for the Oct. 23 2006 issue of Film Journal International. (FJI brought me on as Large Format Editor for several years in the 1990s, during the boom period when many movieplexes added giant-screen 3D theaters. I am still an occasional FJI contributor.)