10 February 2008

Jonathan Katz and the New Cal Academy of Sciences

The new California Academy of Sciences will open this fall in San Francisco. It has received a lot of media attention for its LEED certification, its living roof and world-class architectural design by Renzo Piano. When visitors get inside the new building and see the exhibits, they will discover that world-class design standards were also applied there. One of the designers who was in charge of creating several of the new exhibits is Jonathan Katz, CEO of Cinnabar (Los Angeles). Although passionate about museums and education, Katz isn't known primarily as a "museum designer" - a lot of his work has been in media production for the film industry and commercials.

This interview, titled "Collaborate, Design, Engage, Succeed!" conducted by Liucija Ambrosini, illustrates how Katz applied the same collaborative style he uses to create stellar media, to achieve great exhibit design and production for CAS, efficiently, innovatively, beautifully and within budget constraints.