22 April 2008

Shanghai [2010] Surprise: Knute Berger in Crosscut

Journalist Knute Berger has written a very good analysis of the struggle to realize a US Pavilion at the Shanghai 2010 Expo. It appears in the 4/22 edition of Seattle-based Crosscut.com:

"It was looking like the U.S. was about to suffer the international embarrassment of not showing up for what many regard as the new China's coming out party. Expo 2010 will be the largest world's fair ever held, with 70 million visitors expected and more than 170 nations participating. The U.S. had pledged to be one of them, but that was starting to seem unlikely.

But this month, the State Department signed a letter of intent with a new group headed by Nick Winslow, former head of Warner Brothers International Recreation Enterprises, and Ellen R. Eliasoph, attorney with the Washington, D.C. white shoe law firm of Covington & Burling."

Click the title link to read the full story. (And thank you, Knute, for quoting me!)

The picture I have included here is of one of the great US pavilions of the past: Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome at Montreal Expo 67. -JR