20 May 2008

Zaragoza Expo 08: "Biggest Water Festival on Earth"

Less than a month from now, Zaragoza Expo 08, the next world's fair, will open its gates to the public for a three-month run, from 14 June to 14 September, 2008 in Zaragoza, Spain. The theme of the expo is “Water and Sustainable Development.” Commissioner General of Expo 08, on behalf of the government of Spain, is H.E. Mr. Emilio Fernandez-CastaƱo y Diaz Caneja.

After closing day, the 25-hectare site, located west of the city on the banks of the Ebro river, will be converted to a business park, re-using many of the expo pavilions. Expo organizers have made the most of the occasion by also developing a 120-hectare “Water Park” close to the expo site, a green space supporting a variety of leisure activities. Official participants include 106 countries (the US is not on the list) and 19 regions of Spain... Read this article in full on the Bemusement blog.

Pictured: Zaragoza Expo Mascot "Fluvi."