25 July 2008

Digital Dome-Ocracy: Bayley Silleck Enthuses about Fulldome Presentation Media

Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Bayley Silleck (Cosmic Voyage, Wired to Win) delves into the world of fulldome digital immersive presentation and likes what he finds. It's good news for science education - and more. -JR

"I found myself sprawled out on the floor in the pitch-dark. A tall, gangly figure loomed in my field of view. I had a brief flashback to the years I lived in London - could this be Dr. Who, the British television wizard, come to re-ignite my energy
field, rescue me from shape-shifting aliens, or transport me to other worlds?

Despite the flowing mane of Sixties-style hair, the multiple strands of African glass-bead necklaces, and the long silk scarf, this was a new, very modern breed of wizard, whose wand is a mouse and whose lab is a digital dome. It was Carter Emmart,
director of astrovisualization for the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of
Natural History in New York City."

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