01 August 2008

The Kit of Parts that Makes a Science Museum

Renzo Piano's magnificent building designed to LEED standards is getting all the press. But the fact is, this building couldn't support a science museum on its own. What makes it function as a science museum, and gives it its identity as the new California Academy of Sciences, are the amazing "kit of parts" exhibit systems designed and crafted by Cinnabar, executive producer of the exhibits for the Kimball Natural History museum on the main floor of the Academy. These modular, re-configurable, re-usable systems, fabricated of mostly sustainable materials, contain the key infrastructure: life support systems, heating and cooling, lighting and cases for displaying and preserving specimens, juice to run the AV, and surfaces for displaying graphics. The installation is in progress now - these photos of the exhibit systems taking shape were captured just a few days ago. Read the story and quotes from Cinnabar CEO Jonathan Katz here on Blooloop or here on Lighting & Sound America. -JR

Photos: Cinnabar, Inc.