15 October 2008

Blogging, Business and Virtual Communities

Women In Blogging

Women In Blogging
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To create this slideshow, Sallie Goetsch posed an open question on LinkedIn seeking women who have successfully used their blogs to build their businesses. She included my answer and a screenshot of this blog in her slideshow. The whole things speaks volumes about the effectiveness of online community in growing a business - in unprecedented and unexpected ways.

In the mid-90s I worked for a time in Silicon Valley, on one of the early online virtual worlds, WorldsAway, created by Fujitsu Software Corp. Clark Dodsworth's referral brought me into the marketing department to write user documentation for the product. This powerful medium was in its infancy but its potential was evident. The product placements and licensing tie-ins that make the news when they occur in Second Life were anticipated more than 10 years ago in discussions and business plans of the WorldsAway team. Concerning the power of online community for creating personal bonds: In the roughly eight months I worked there, two WorldsAway team members met and married people from out of state who they had gotten to know in the virtual world.

With or without avatars, when we participate in blogging and forums such as LinkedIn, we are interacting in a virtual world, and while these environments provide a framework, what happens there is up to us - it is our independent ideas and activities - the fruit of our imaginations and creativity - that populates and furnishes these worlds.