01 June 2009

More promising news for USA Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010

Some good news from Hank Levine's blog, Behind the Curtain, about US-China relations.
"Shanghai Expo: A Corner Turned

Readers may have noted the most recent bit of positive news regarding the US Pavilion for the Shanghai Expo: the adding of Yum Brands as a sponsor (here’s one report from AP via LA Times.

But the fact is, something much more profound has taken place. Secretary Clinton and her senior staff are now actively engaged in support of the fundraising efforts by the State Department approved group that is working feverishly to get the Pavilion built..." click here to read the full post.

Hank Levine has worked for the US State Department as well as the American Embassy in China. He also blogs at Behind The Curtain and speaks fluent Chinese. He has held positions in the Office of Chinese Affairs at the State Department and in the US Embassy in Beijing, as well as serving as US Consul General in Shanghai and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Asia.