23 January 2010

Concerning Theme Park Special Effects, WED Illusioneering, Bill Novey, Epcot, Mark Fuller, Monty Lunde...

Here's an article about the genesis of the theme park special effects industry, tracing it from Yale Gracey and Bill Novey at Disney to the post-Epcot diaspora and formation of such companies as Art & Technology, WET and Technifex. I first wrote it in 1997, and it is now on Blooloop, with some where-are-they-now updates and photos. It is timely in light of Mark Fuller (WET founder and CEO) having recently been named to receive the Thea Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Photo: Young Monte Lunde (later, the founder of Technifex) working on a projector at WED Illusioneering. Courtesy Technifex.