14 September 2010

All about Expo pavilions with Electrosonic: Sept 2 TEA gathering draws 80 people

Under the umbrella of the Themed Enter-tainment Assoc-iation (TEA) Western Division, Robert Simpson and Chris Conte of Electrosonic addressed a crowd of almost 80 attendees at the company's Sept 2 TEA presentation, held at Electrosonic's Burbank office. Conte introduced and Simpson narrated an AV presentation about the various pavilions at Shanghai Expo 2010 for which Electrosonic was an AV systems provider. David Aion, president of the TEA Western Division, provided photos and reported to us some indicators of how lively and successful a gathering this was.

"The angle was what to do and what not to do when planning and building an expo pavilion," noted Aion. "When it comes to world expos, Electrosonic is very experienced, and Bob Simpson's remarks were insightful as well as funny. We all enjoyed his British sense of humor and learned that we'd better plan well when it comes to a world's fair, especially one that covers such enormous physical distances as Shanghai 2010.

"Bob also reinforced the point," continued Aion, "that everything we do in this business of themed entertainment and attractions design/production is a collaborative effort. It isn't as difficult as it may seem to plan for huge crowds, but you do have to plan. Some Shanghai Expo pavilions worked well when others did not. Some were there to actually showcase their countries and some were there to sell souvenirs."

Companies represented at the event included AKA Engineering, Disney, TransFX, Mousetrappe, Gartner Design, Sacher Creative, Utopia, Methodology, SimEx-Iwerks, Universal Creative, The Hettema Group, The Attraction Services Company, Monteverdi Creative, David Kneupper, David A. Price AIA, WET Design, Matilda Entertainment, Atomic Ant Models, The Scenic Route, Taft Design + Associates, Ltd., S.C.T., Next, Visual Terrain, CIA-Artists, nWave Pictures, Technomedia Solutions, Lexington, LA ProPoint, Lighthouse, Thinkwell, Ride Games, Fountain People, Attraction Media & Entertainment, Jordan Coleman, Extron, Wyatt Design, MGM, USC, Mindi Lipschultz, Harman, The Ride Guru, PHA, Vertex Productions, Mountain Ear Productions, TransFX, Far Out Creative, Gary Goddard Prodns., Sound Marketing Reps, Leff Brain, ShoConcepts, Sywa Sung, fsy Architects, Inc. and Wendy M Benitez.