12 January 2011

LF Examiner proclaims "The Death of the Giant Screen"

LF Examiner, an industry newsletter published by James Hyder for the special venue cinema industry, particularly giant screen cinema, has announced that its January issue will feature an editorial by Hyder titled "The Death of the Giant Screen."

Writes Hyder, "The history of motion pictures is full of technologies that were revolutionary when introduced, provided a new and exciting movie-going experience for some period of time, then disappeared."

70mm giant screen cinema first appeared at world expos and was adopted by the science museum community in the 1970s. This richly detailed film-based process, exhibited on the largest movie screens in the world, remains a superior visual format. It is, nonetheless, heading rapidly toward obsolescence for a number of reasons.

We're eager to see how James Hyder will address the subject in his January editorial.