23 August 2013

The infinite design diversity of Jeremy Railton and EDC

Railton, right, discusses a project with Chris Stage
I profiled design legend Jeremy Railton and his company Entertainment Design Corp. for InPark Magazine:

...What Railton and his team learned in Asia has brought about a shift in how they approach design for this market, and how they interact with clients. “Very early on, I was given good advice by Hee Teck Tan, CEO at Resorts World Sentosa. He said, ‘Jeremy, forget about all this arty, subtle stuff: Asians like bright and loud.’ It was excellent advice. I’m sort of a loud kind of guy – I always loved rock and roll concerts and variety television. I like the bright and loud and shiny. I do come from central Africa.”

The Chinese respect for maturity has stood Railton in good stead. “I feel I get a lot of respect because of my gray hair; it makes them feel comfortable. I feel like a strong, reassuring hand, the voice of experience. They are nice to Alex and Chris, but I get the attention. In the US it’s the other way! They smile and nod at me, and then talk to [EDC's 'young guns'] Alex [Calle] and Chris [Stage].” ...

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