13 September 2017

Spitz releases new fulldome title "Faster Than Light" for planetariums and museums

“Faster Than Light: The Dream of Interstellar Flight” offers a compelling and credible story for our time with broad audience appeal, speaking to a wide range of ages, interests and educational topics,” said Mike Bruno of Spitz Creative Media. “We think our planetarium clients will find it an enduring and versatile title for public and educational programming. We’re very proud of what the team has accomplished and pleased to add ‘Faster Than Light’ to the Spitz fulldome library.”

Robin Sip of Mirage 3D and Brad Thompson of Spitz
speak at Fulldome Festival Brno, where
"Faster Than Light" received an award in 2017.
“We chose the grand story of interstellar flight because it’s richly thematic and the human quest resonates with people,” said director Thomas Lucas. “Scientists are discovering that the galaxy is filled with planets. Telescopes are coming online that are going to be able to look at some of these worlds and determine whether there are atmospheres and possible signs of life.”

“Faster Than Light” was produced by Robin Sip (Mirage 3D), Mike Bruno (Spitz Creative Media) and Thomas Lucas (Thomas Lucas Productions). Brad Thompson (Spitz) and Leon Verschoor (Mirage3D) directed the visual production. This 25-minute documentary is available for general release in all fulldome formats. The project was supported by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Film Office.... Read full story

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