14 January 2014

IMERSA Summit 2014 "Shaping the future of digital immersive spaces"

The 8K fulldome theater at Fiske Planetarium in Boulder, Colorado USA
Many 2014 Summit details are now available from IMERSA, a trade group exploring the potential of immersive digital experiences, especially dome cinema (fulldome). March 6-9 in Denver. Headline speakers include Ian McLennan, Dr Donna Cox and SIGGRAPH president Jeff Jortner.


Dr Donna Cox, keynote
Planetarium Budgeting session with Ian McLennan and Mike Murray
McLennan & Murray (Clark Planetarium) will show how to plan for great content along with a facility's other needs.

IMERSA to share new research at 2014 Summit
Empowering "Research Bytes" from Paul Fraser (Blaze Digital Cinema Works), Mark Petersen (Loch Ness Productions), Dario Tiveron (Fulldome Database) and Mark Dvorchak (Pro Forma Advisors). Session produced by Chris Hill of Sliced Tomato Productions and Alan Caskey of Holovis.

Steering an immersive dome theater toward success
Brian Wirthlin (Seiler Instrument, Photo Alchemy), Ian McLennan, Berend Reijnhoudt (Omniversum), Dan Neafus (Gates Planetarium, Denver Museum of Nature & Science)

The Pros and Perils of 8K - IMERSA Summit 2014 Finale event
Transportation will be provided to travel to Fiske Planetarium in nearby Boulder on the evening of March 9. Fiske recently unveiled a new 8K Sky-Skan fulldome system. Refreshments, screenings, facility tours and a panel discussion are all on the program.
Ian McLennan

As there are only a handful of 8K fulldome systems in the world, the evening at Fiske is a valuable opportunity to see one of the first 8K installations in North America up close, and see screenings of 8K content and hear from 8K suppliers and 8K system owners and operators.

The 8K event at Fiske is part of the overall Summit program, but tickets will also be made available for those who wish to attend it as a separate event. Inquiries: info@imersa.org

Professional Development sessions, Thurs-Fri, March 6-7. Experts will discuss tools and techniques, and there will be case studies of recent award winning fulldome shows that are also featured in the Summit's evening screenings.

Dr. Donna Cox, keynote
Jeri Panek
The first lady of science visualization. She will be introduced by Jeff Jortner.

Jeri Panek of E&S to receive lifetime honors at IMERSA Summit 2014
She's credited in "Wrath of Khan" and she was part of the pioneering development of computer graphics and personal computing at the University of Utah in the 1960s and '70s. Sometimes called the "Queen of Digistar" in reference to E&S fulldome systems, Jeri's career will be celebrated.

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