21 May 2012

Chariots of the Gods and other projects: Markus Beyr's new company, Attraktion!

Markus Beyr’s new company, Attraktion! 
has already landed a dozen new projects - 
including a ground-floor role in the 
production of the official 
Chariots of the Gods theme park.
Interview by Judith Rubin, published in the May 2012 issue of InPark Magazine

Markus Beyr, entrepreneur and producer of media-based attractions, is at the helm of a new company, Attraktion! Group, founded to serve the visitor attractions industry with project development services, and to selectively invest in related companies. 

Leading from Beyr’s prominence in the industry, the company has already landed a dozen new projects ranging from theme park attractions to educational exhibits - including what promises to be a very high-profile endeavor: a ground-floor role in the production of the official Chariots of the Gods theme park, based on the eponymous, 1968 book by Erich von Däniken that set forth the theory that extraterrestrial visitors, regarded as deities, brought cultures, religions and technologies to Earth in the ancient past. 

Where will the Chariots of the Gods theme park be built, and when will it open?
We are a step before that. Attraktion! will begin discussions later this year with candidate sites and operator-partners. Estimated opening is a minimum of three and a half years off.

There is no site chosen, but we favor Asia as the location because it has the best potential for the planned size. Culturally speaking, however, the park could be placed almost anywhere in the world. Chariots of the Gods is about our great mysteries, which are to be found on every continent. 

It will be a media-driven park, but also incorporate the best in roller coasters and hard rides. Together with state-of-the-art steel rides, media-based attractions, flying spaceships, 4D theaters, and other amazing adventures, the Chariots Of The Gods theme park will seek to position itself among the world’s top destination venues...

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